Posted by: runawayrose | August 9, 2010

Famous Music Halls: Oxford Music Hall

Located in Westminster, the Oxford Music Hall opened its doors in 1861.

The hall was designed with three deep balconies on three sides and a broad stage set before an apse. The apse was replaced in 1873 by a square proscenium. The hall was basic, however the hall, bars, staircases and foyers gave an illusion to a much more grander and spread out space.

Oxford survived two fires in 1868 and 1872, but was rebuilt each time by the same architects, keeping the same basic design. Through the years, with the changes of music hall in general, a few changes were made through the 1870s, such as benches replacing tables and a promenade replacing the balconies. The early 90s saw a complete overhaul with the replacement of a complete stage and domed ceiling.

1917, however, saw away with Oxford as a music hall when it was converted into a legitimate theatre which saw some successful musical productions. In the early 1920s the theatre was renovated where it was used to show both films and plays.

The Oxford was closed and then demolished in 1926. A Kavvi now stands in the Oxford’s former spot.


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