Posted by: runawayrose | December 25, 2009

Famous Music Halls: Canterbury Music Hall

Considered one of the very first music halls, the Canterbury Hall – as it was originally called – was built in 1852 by Charles Morton in Lambeth. It proved so successful that he was able to replace it in 1854 and called it Canterbury Music Hall, seating about 1500 people.

Under Morton’s ownership, he constructed a large platform stage, but under new management in 1876, it became a three-tier theatre. Even further, in 1890 it was rebuilt as the Canterbury Theatre of Varieties and held 3000 people. By 1922 it was used as a cinema, but was destroyed by bombing in 1942. It was eventually demolished in 1955 and became a car park.

Famous people who frequented the building were: The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), Duke of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Teck. Charlie Chaplin had performed there, and also had mentioned seeing his father perform there.



  1. do you know where exactly the Canterbury music hall was please?

    • Hi, Janet. According to Wikipedia, it was located at 143 Westminster Bridge Road.

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